Personal coaching – one-to-one sessions

If you think life should be easier and more joyful, you're right. Many of us have adopted unhelpful beliefs (eg about our self-worth) and made our feelings conditional on factors we cannot control (such as other people's behaviour or what the future holds). It can be hard to find fulfilling work or good relationships, make decisions, face difficult challenges, feel purposeful – or even know what really makes us happy. Sometimes we just need someone alongside to help us work it out.

If you want to become happier and more confident, and you're ready to take action to reach your personal or professional goals, it could be the right time for some motivational coaching support. I help people to understand how to reconnect with that place of deep aliveness and resourcefulness that we all have inside us. My clients benefit from increased self-awareness and living more consciously, with greater trust and ease. As we tap into our amazing potential, we can access new perspectives that truly transform our lives.

The process of change varies for each person as we all have different biographies, beliefs, levels of awareness, etc. Transformation can happen in just a few moments – when we reach that 'aha' moment of a significant shift in perspective – and sometimes it's a longer process of small steps. An inner shift occurs that then gets reflected in changes in your life, and there are many ways to get to this point. My coaching includes a very wide range of techniques from both practical scientific research and energy-based/consciousness fields.

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Do call me for an introductory chat to see if I'm the right coach for you. You can also meet me in person at one of the free Coaching Café workshops.

Book a one-to-one session

Sessions are usually one hour long (but can vary as some people prefer longer sessions of 90 or 120 minutes). They can be face-to-face in Bath, or via phone/Skype as required. I usually recommend at least 3 sessions over 3-6 weeks to enable people to absorb insights, take action and experience the results. Do contact me for details of my coaching packages.

What clients say...

"After some years of difficulties and major changes, I was feeling lost and confused about my life's direction and meaning. Sophie provided a structure for me to re-evaluate myself and look for the way forward. She also provided the motivation and encouragement for me to take the necessary steps for a happier life. With her warmth and empathy, she has really made a difference to the way I view myself and in supporting positive changes."

"I have have found working with Sophie to be enormously helpful and inspirational for accelerating personal change. Our sessions have helped to build my resilience, appreciation of my strengths, shift unhelpful patterns, focus more on positive thinking and outcomes, and transform my approach for addressing challenges in relationships (both family and at work). Sophie injects so much warmth, enthusiasm, wisdom, life experience, practical tips as well as fun into our sessions, and follows up with very thoughtful resources, tools and insights to help further motivate and encourage you on your own path."