What do you most want out of your life? We all have lists of ambitions and goals – and we believe these will lead to greater happiness. What if you could start feeling happier straight away, whilst also continuing to move towards your goals?  Wouldn't that make the journey easier? My coaching approach includes a focus on how to live with more joy and vitality right now. As we tap into our amazing potential, we can access new perspectives that truly transform our lives. You can expect my coaching sessions to be fun and revelatory.

If you think life should be easier, you're right. It's very common to find that we've adopted unhelpful beliefs (eg about our self-worth) and made our feelings conditional on things we can't control (such as other people's behaviour or what the future holds). It's hard to make any decisions or navigate our lives when we are out of touch with our inner guidance system. I help people to understand how to reconnect to that place of deep aliveness and resourcefulness that we all have inside us. From this place, we find we can achieve our goals much more easily (and often experience better health too). If you're ready to take action to change some aspect of your life – now is a good time have the motivational support of an experienced coach. I've worked with people who have had a range of different goals, including: wanting to feel happier or more confident; looking for more satisfying work; wanting better life balance; seeking a new rewarding relationship; looking to improve a current personal and business relationship; launching an new project; planning a major life change; facing a new challenge; experiencing dissatisfaction with some aspect of their life and seeking a new direction or perspective. 

Sessions are usually 45 minutes and can be via 'phone, Skype or face-to-face in Bath. I usually recommend at least three sessions over 3-4 weeks, to enable people to have time to take action and experience the results. Prices: £50 for a one-off session or £120 for a 3-session package. Payment must be made in advance of any booked sessions.

Call me on 07714 145440 for a free introductory 'taster' session or come along to one of the free Coaching Café Club workshops to meet me in person. 

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate" – Carl Jung


What my clients say:

After some years of difficulties and major changes, I was feeling lost and confused about my life’s direction and meaning. Sophie provided a structure for me to re-evaluate myself and look for the way forward. She also provided the motivation and encouragement for me to take the necessary steps for a happier life. With her warmth and empathy, she has really made a difference to the way I view myself and in supporting positive changes.
When I work on my future plans with Sophie I see possibilities rather than problems. I always leave the sessions feeling lighter and more focused on my heart’s desire, rather than just limiting myself to what my head tells me I am capable of. Sophie helps me to see that I can be the change and realise my true potential. I feel very supported and encouraged by our sessions; they help me leave behind those ‘Groundhog Day’ feelings and to start making helpful changes in the way I see my life.