Small-group coaching courses

These are usually run as one-day courses. They cover various topics (eg 'Boost your self-esteem' or 'Moving out of feeling stuck') and offer an opportunity for positive life change in a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment. They include a range of proven techniques and tools, insights from neuroscience and psychology research, group discussions, mindfulness, helpful exercises, group discussion and more. Limited to six participants – so there is more time for each individual to have their specific goals or challenges addressed. Booking is confirmed once payment is made.

Fantastic course – very thought-provoking, mind-opening and enjoyable
— Coaching course participant

Coaching Café free workshops

These free events started in 2009 in local cafés as a way of showing people how coaching can help facilitate positive life change. Each workshop is themed (eg procrastination or goal-setting etc) and includes a helpful and practical coaching exercise – with a take-away info sheet about the topic too. It's also an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment.. These workshops have now been attended by hundreds of people and the feedback forms confirm that they find the events beneficial and enjoyable. These and other free events are also listed at the Coaching Café Club Meetup group site.

Informative, useful, practical and inspiring!
— Feedback from workshop participant

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