Coaching Café free workshops

These free events started in 2009 in local cafés in Bath as a way of bringing together people who are interested in personal development to show that coaching can be effective and fun. Each workshop is themed (eg procrastination or goal-setting) and includes a helpful, practical coaching exercise, with a take-away info sheet about the topic too.

Attendees appreciate the supportive and relaxed environment of these informal events. Not only do participants see that they are not alone in finding aspects of their lives challenging, but they gain a lot from sharing different perspectives and experiences. It can be an opportunity to meet like-minded people too.

Coaching Café workshops have now been attended by hundreds of people and the feedback forms confirm that they find the events beneficial and enjoyable. These workshops and other free events are also listed at the Coaching Café Club Meetup group site.

Feedback from Coaching Café workshops

"I have tools for going forward"
"Enjoyed the chance to talk to other participants"
“informative, useful, practical and inspiring!”

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