Breaking the Worry Habit

The autumn Coaching Café workshop looked at one of the most common issues we all face – worrying. As well as finding out what psychologists say about this habit, participants explored their personal worrying habits in an exercise designed to discover some more awareness and insights. The 'tips' resource hand-out sheet covered a range of strategies used to help with a worrying habit; these include:

  • Allocate a 'worry time' – research shows that designating a structure and time for dealing with worries can help alleviate anxiety.
  • Try creative pursuits – being involved in something absorbing and expressive can stop the worrying for a while.
  • Meditate – meditation not only lowers anxiety levels but also effects the regions that control emotions, thinking and worrying.
  • Take action – take a small step to address your worry issue; you can't control outcomes but you can have some control over habits, awareness and behaviours etc.

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